The art of telling science

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This event finished on 18 May 2023

  • Venue: Charles Darwin Room - PRBB
  • Address: Doctor Aiguader, 80, 08003, Barcelona
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CRG Course

Explaining Science is an art that you can learn, too! With the Art of telling science communication courses, you will learn to turn scientific content (or other expert knowledge) into something that appeals to a wide audience, using narration, staging, and humour (why not?)

The workshop will be delivered in four shorter modules, which will take place in two afternoons:

  • Develop effective oral presentations: Presence, body language, dealing with “stage fright”, “social phobia” and “mental block” are essential skills to perform in front of an audience. During this training, we will develop some skills to perform your next award-winning presentation.
  • How to create an effective elevator pitch: Share your expertise and credentials quickly and effectively with people who don’t know you (maybe your next supervisor during the coffee break!) is essential to selling your work and yourself. During this session, we will create a sixty seconds pitch to tell your story and blow everyone away.
  • Communication and outreach for general audiences: This is the session to talk (and practice!) about strategies for conveying your message to lay audiences to become a professional “science influencer”.
  • Get comfortable talking with the media: Popular media plays a vital role in the dissemination of science, and engaging with the press can amplify your impact. So stop being intimidated by journalists, here you will know how.
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Application deadline: 3rd of May 2023

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