Tensor Dark Matter and constraints from galactic cosmic rays

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TH Seminars

by Dr Haydee Hernandez Arellano (University of Guanajuato)

One of the major challenges in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology is the nature of dark matter. Several pieces of evidence point to its existence, such as galaxy rotation curves, relic density and those derived from the observation of the cosmic microwave background. A great effort has been put in the measurement of observables, including dark matter interactions with standard model particles in direct, indirect and collider searches, in order to constrain the properties of this phenomenom, which conforms 26% of the energy in the universe. In this talk, I will introduce Tensor Dark Matter as a possible description of dark matter, with fields that transform in the (1,0)+(0,1) representation of the Homogeneous Lorentz Group. I will show that, when the mass of the dark matter particle is around half of the Higgs boson mass, it is consistent with several experimental bounds, including the Gamma-Ray Excess from the center of our Galaxy. In addition, I will propose possible contributions to cosmic-rays from dark matter annihilation.


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