Tailoring catalyst environment for efficient CO2 electrolysis.

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ICIQ Seminar

by Dr. Pelayo García de Arquer, from ICFO



The electroreduction of CO2 to chemicals has the potential to enable a transition from fossil to renewable sources in the vast chemical industry – for example to produce clean fuels and materials for manufacturing. The technoeconomic viability of the CO2 reduction (CO2R) technology depends on achieving sufficient product selectivity, productivity (or current density), energy efficiency, and stability. I will present recent advances that, based on the manipulation of catalyst environment, achieve CO2R to multicarbon chemicals such as ethylene, ethanol, and propanol at high selectivity and productivity. With these increasing performance metrics, a crucial limiting factor in the CO2R technology is CO2 reactant loss – a result of rapid carbonate formation in alkaline and neutral electrolytes – which brings additional energy penalties. I will conclude by providing an overview of some opportunities to address this challenge, presenting one strategy that limits CO2 reactant loss by achieving efficient CO2R in acidic media.


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According to the last information received from ICIQ’s safety department about the measures to prevent and contain COVID-19 at ICIQ, a total of 50 people is now the maximum capacity allowed in the Auditorium, so the seminar will be finally held in the Auditorium as well as through ZOOM platform too.

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