Tailored nanomaterials for renewable fuels and chemicals

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ICN2 Hybrid Seminar

By Prof. María Escudero Escribano, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Center for High Entropy Alloy Catalysis and Nanoscience Center University of Copenhagen



The discovery and development of new electrocatalyst nanomaterials for renewable energy conversion is key for the green transition toward a decarbonised future. In this talk, I will discuss recent strategies for the rational design of efficient and selective catalyst materials and engineered interfaces for sustainable energy conversion and production of green fuels and valuable chemicals. I will focus on tailored electrocatalyst nanostructures for renewable energy conversion reactions, from model studies on well-defined surfaces to the development of high surface area nanocatalysts. I will then present our work toward understanding structure sensitivity and electrolyte effects for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide. Our work illustrates the importance of combining electrochemistry, materials engineering and operando characterisation to understand the structure-properties relations and engineer the electrocatalytically active sites at the atomic level. These studies are essential to design and develop better processes and nanomaterials for renewable energy, fuels and chemicals.


Hosted by Prof. Pablo Ordejón, Director and Theory and Simulation Group Leader at ICN2.


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