Symposium GE3C XXXI on Crystallography

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  • Venue: ICIQ Auditorium
  • Address: Avinguda dels Països Catalans, 16, 43007 Tarragona
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Moving into the Future through Crystallography

Crystallography and Crystal Growth play a crucial role in an ever-evolving society. These disciplines not only unlock the secrets of the molecular organization of materials, but also drive fundamental advances in areas such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, medicine, and the design of new materials with exceptional properties. Their impact endures at the forefront of innovation, guiding society toward a future where a deep understanding of crystal structure influences countless aspects of our daily lives.

As a cross-cutting discipline, research in this area has applications across the sciences. In geology, one can study the development of a volcano that began forming millennia ago, providing information about the evolution of the landscape, the composition of the earth’s crust, and the natural forces that shape our environment.

Understanding the structure of biomolecules has led to essential advances in drug development and targeted therapies. Protein engineering and modification of molecular structures can revolutionise the treatment of diseases and medical conditions.

Structural studies are essential for designing new materials with specific properties. This has implications for the manufacture of more efficient, sustainable and resilient products, from superconductors to building materials.

Understanding the structure of natural and artificial systems is fundamental to addressing environmental challenges. This includes optimizing industrial processes, managing natural resources and designing clean technologies.

In a changing society, Crystallography and Crystal Growth play an essential role in social and economic development by driving scientific and technological progress, addressing global challenges, and improving the quality of life. Their application extends to diverse disciplines and sectors, demonstrating their continued relevance in an ever-evolving world.

As in previous meetings, this symposium includes experts and novices from a wide range of scientific fields, who will present and discuss the most recent advances and discoveries in the fields of Crystallography and Crystal Growth.

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