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The International Conference & Expo on Quantum Matter & Information aims at gathering all the communities involved in “Quantum” at large (Information, Matter, Computing, Technologies) and to celebrate 40 years after the seminal paper of Richard P. Feynman ” Simulating physics with computers” the wonderful scientific advances we are witnessing today .

ICN2 Involved Researchers:

A list of high-profile confirmed speakers (23 as of 17/11/2022) is available at:   www.quantumconf.eu/2023/speakers.php#speakers

In the framework of this conference there is a strong participation of the top companies on Quantum research such as IBM, Microsoft or Google. An Industrial Forum will take place on the second day (in parallel to more fundamental sessions) gathering main companies, start-ups and key industries strongly involved in quantum technologies and applications.

Topics covered

Quantum Computing and Technologies / Quantum simulation of Exotic States of matter / Advanced Quantum Communication protocols and Quantum internet / Quantum Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Growth and Characterization of Quantum Materials and Topological Quantum Matter / Quantum Sensing and Applications / Quantum materials for advanced photonics, nanoelectronics and spintronics / Topological quantum computing / Quantum softwares and algorithms / Quantum-inspired toolboxs for finance / Quantum semiconductor devices

The deadline to submit an oral contribution is February 24, 2023 (www.quantumconf.eu/2023/registration.php#deadlines). Abstract Submission formwww.quantumconf.eu/2023/regini.php?d=abs