Photons for Green Energy

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ICFO – U of T – PTL-STANFORD International School on the Frontiers of Light


Solar and thermal photons, emitted by the sun and other hot radiative bodies, respectively, can be captured and transformed into useful electricity via photovoltaic and thermophotovoltaic technologies. They can also be used to drive chemical reactions such as the transformation of CO2 into value-added hydrocarbons, thus offering a route towards carbon neutrality, or to store electricity into batteries.

This 3-day online school will bring together leading experts and young researchers in the fields of nanophotonics, catalysis, thermophotovoltaics, solar photovoltaics, hot electrons, and light-driven CO2 reduction, to cover the most recent advances in these areas, and address what is possible with next-generation energy technologies, based on our knowledge about light and its interaction with materials.




International School on the Frontiers of light aim at giving talented young researchers and students worldwide a first introduction to a thematic research area and a taste of an international research environment. These schools incorporate a dynamic and social learning environment beyond participating in lectures, including group discussions, direct interactions with the lecturers, student talks and poster presentations.


Online plenary sessions are open to all interested. Lectures and seminars will be broadcast online and are open to registration from interested students and researchers worldwide.

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