Patents and other IPR for researchers

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To participate in this session you have to register for Part 1 on November 23 and 24

This course offers an overview of everything you would like to know about protecting your ideas and your research. Join us to be taught on patents and other intellectual and property rights, a complex and multidisciplinary field, and be ready to take your research one step further.

The course is divided in two big blocks: the first two days you will learn all the concepts and data you need to know, and the third day we will present real examples from tech transfer departments from BIST centres, so you can see the application of everything you learnt.

This three-day course is targeted at researchers of all disciplines with advanced ideas and projects that need to get ready for IP protection, but also for those who are interested in tech transfer, in learning how to read a patent, or in taking full advantages of the possibilities of technology transfer. Designed mostly for postdocs and junior leaders, it is open to predocs, managers and senior group leaders, from both the BIST centres and external institutions.

If you are working at a BIST centre, please contact your HR/Training department before completing the registration and payment form.

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November 26, 2001 • from 9:30h to 12:30h



All people attending the first part of the course will have access to this second part. It will be imparted by some KTT representatives from the BIST centres, and will showcase some real examples of innovation happening in them.




BIST members: 100€

Non-BIST members: 150€