Open Knowledge Programme: Coconut oil and candle waxes to play with light and colour: solid-state organic optical materials as nanosolutions for energy-efficient devices, sensors and inks

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  • Venue: ICN2 - Seminar Hall
  • Address: Edifici ICN2, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 08193 Bellaterra
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Seminar from the ICN2 Human Resources Department

By Claudio Roscini, Senior Researcher at ICN2 Nanostructured Functional Materials Group

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: To know and understand Organic photofunctional nanomaterials and applications. In this lecture you will learn an innovative, but straightforward and universal encapsulation-based strategy, implemented by Nanosfun group to transfer the static or dynamic properties of organic dyes to solid materials or even devices


  • Organic photofunctional materials optical properties
  • Encapsulation strategies to obtain optical device
  • Smart windows applications
  • Optical sensors, security inks

Addressed to: All ICN2 community, especially to new researchers


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