Nascent transcription and coupled RNA processing of human protein coding and long noncoding genes

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  • Venue: PRBB - Marie Curie room
  • Address: C/ Dr Aiguarder 88, 08003 Barcelona
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CRG Seminar

by Nick J. Proudfoot, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford UK



We have developed technology to characterise nascent transcription synthesised by RNA polymerase II in human cell lines. Using the POINT-seq procedure (Sousa-Luis et al. Mol Cell 2021; we show that protein coding (pc) and long noncoding (lnc) transcripts are synthesised and processed distinctly. This leads to rapid splicing of pc gene transcripts (pre-mRNA) or chromatin retention and degradation of lncRNA (recent review: Nojima and Proudfoot NRMCB 2022;
I will describe our recent work aimed at better understanding the substantial differences between pre-mRNA and lncRNA metabolism as well as describing new features of pre-mRNA intron removal.