Nanoparticles in cancer

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  • Venue: Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia
  • Address: Calle Farmacia 11, Madrid
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Scientific Symposium Organized by Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia


Mesoporous silica can be used to produce nanotransporters that can house drugs inside.  It is necessary to chemically treat their walls, both inside and outside, to introduce antitumor drugs that destroy cancer cells, and chemically treat their surface to ensure that they do not agglomerate, that they are invisible to the immune system and that they travel to the right location, that is, that they search specifically for the place where they must act.

In addition, so that its load does not leave prematurely, smart nanogates, intelligent nanolayers or coatings of certain polymers can be placed. Using stimuli such as UV radiation, ultrasound, heat or magnetic signals, they can release their load in the right place and at the right time. These nanoparticles are true super-agents, versatile, capable of recognizing problems and providing solutions. And they can do this selectively by attacking only the exact areas where the problem exists. In this nanoparticles in cancer day, the preclinical point of view will be also discussed, as well as innovative clinical treatments in oncology.


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