Linux-based Containerization for Reproducible Research

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  • Venue: CRG Training Centre
  • Address: PRBB Patio, C/ Dr Aiguarder 88, 08003 Barcelona
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CRG workshop

A Workshop on Nextflow and Master of Pores for Nanopore Data Analysis

The importance of reproducibility is gaining momentum nowadays since its deep relationship with research integrity and, in the end, with the whole quality of the science produced by researchers. Computational sciences are one of the few fields where procedures and tools are already in place for allowing a fast reproduction of experiments and for reducing any variability introduced by different hardware architectures and / or environments.In this workshop, we will present how Linux-based containerization can help you in every-day research practices by facilitating sharing the code and data with the collaborators and peers. Docker and Singularity container software will be introduced and you also get a basic overview of Nextflow, a powerful tool able to convert your programs into scalable and reproducible workflows. You will learn the basics about running and building pipelines. Afterward, based on that new gained experience, you will be introduces to prepare and execute Master of Pores, a pipeline framework for analysing Nanopore data from direct sequencing. An example dataset will be used and interpreted along its outcome results.

When: 15,16 and 17th May 2023, from 9:00-13:00

Trainers: Luca Cozzuto and Toni Hermoso (CRG Biocore)

Application deadline: 3rd May 2023

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