Leading myself and others in a scientific project

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  • Venue: CRG Training Centre
  • Address: PRBB Patio, C/ Dr Aiguarder 88, 08003 Barcelona
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Practical workshop for the CRG PhD students, postdocs and junior PIs who are supervising (officially or unofficially) the undergraduate, MSc and PhD students, or will do it in the future

In this training, participants will learn about the 5 keys to a successful team and how to use this to i.e., supervise students. They will understand the importance to set smart goals and to define clear responsibilities for the different roles one has in a scientific team. With this in mind they will explore how to keep motivation up and procrastination down for themselves and within the team. They will finish the morning by training skilful delegation with a hands-on checklist.

The course will be very interactive, changing between teachers input, individual work and group work and participants will:

  • understand the roles and responsibilities one and one’s team have during a scientific project
  • set clear goals and communicate them within one’s team
  • learn strategies to keep motivation up and procrastination down
  • use delegation in a skilful way to get tasks done


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Application deadline: 7th May 2023