Leadership and Management Skills Course for Senior Researchers

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This event finished on 20 November 2020

This workshop will enable senior researchers to master the challenges related to the interpersonal aspects of doing science and to confidently fulfil their leadership role.

The interactive online workshop “Leadership and Management Skills Course for Senior Researchers” offers a diverse set of topics, which we approach in four complementary sessions and an additional two follow-up sessions, 6 months after the initial course.

This workshop is organized between all BIST centers.



In this practical and interactive workshop, participants will:

  • Advance their communication, collaboration and leadership skills
  • Understand how to reach career goals more efficiently and effectively
  • Acquire skills to enable and empower others to do good science
  • Learn how to better lead individual and group processes
  • Exchange their experiences as leaders in science
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HFP consulting is a company that provides professional development training exclusively to scientists. We have developed and established professional development workshops for scientists at leading organizations in Europe (e.g. MRC and NBI in UK, EMBO, BRIC and NNF centres in Copenhagen, VBC and IST in Vienna, BIST and PRBB in Barcelona), Middle East (e.g. Weizmann, Technion, Tel Aviv University), USA (e.g. Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, MIT, Princeton, Cornell), Africa and Japan.

These organizations run one of the most successful training programmes for scientists and we are proud to have pioneered this together with them and that we keep being involved in these programmes on a continuous basis. Our experience in selectively working with scientists worldwide has been highlighted in an article in Nature on Leadership in Science.


Working Style
  • As our training philosophy is based on ‘learning by doing’, we strive for a highly interactive learning environment in which participants actively engage in discussions and exercises
  • We will balance teaching and practical exercises in pairs or small groups
  • We will work with real life cases of participants
  • To mitigate the effects of remoteness, we will include playful elements and be tolerant with the small disturbances in a home office
  • Each session will be moderated by two hosts, enabling a process-oriented and interactive experience which fulfils the high standards of our training courses
  • We will use the resources of the video conferencing platform Zoom
  • Materials produced during the workshop will be made available to participants


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