Leadership and Management Skills Course for Senior Group Leaders

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: Hotel Termes de Montbrió
  • Address: C/Nou 38, 43340 - Montbrió del Camp, Tarragona

Being a leader in science is a role most people grow into but are rarely trained for. BIST together with ICIQ are organizing this residential training course aimed at senior group leaders from BIST centres and other universities or research centres. The course will be provided by HFP Consulting. The course will include a session dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary project ideas.

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Course participants will:
▪ Improve their communication, collaboration and leadership skills.
▪ Practice useful tools for balancing their roles of manager, leader, scientist.
▪ Look into the key components for effective and assertive communication towards conflict resolution.
▪ Learn how to achieve better agreements through effective negotiation.
▪ Analize how to actively shape the culture of science at their institution / unit.
▪ Learn how to lead other leaders.
▪ Acquire skills in order to make and communicate hard decisions.

Course Topics:
▪ Keys to effective communication.
▪ Dealing with conflicts constructively.
▪ Achieving better agreements through negotiation.
▪ Managing time and tasks.
▪ Dealing with different personalities.
▪ Delegating tasks more effectively.
▪ Managing meetings and discussions.
▪ Setting clear goals.
▪ Recruiting the right people.

Our Workshop:
▪ Include the necessary theory coupled with as much practice as possible.
▪ Is highly interactive, including pair work, group work and case studies.
▪ Is highly relevant, working with real life experiences.

To register and receive additional information please send an e-mail to lchico@iciq.es 
Registration will be open until September 12th, 2018.

BIST will co-finance the course costs of seven Group Leaders from BIST centres. The 16 available places will be distributed between BIST centres.