Immobilized Catalytic Systems for Asymmetric Flow Processes

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ICIQ Group Leaders Series

Lecturer: Prof. Miquel À. Pericàs

The design and preparation of immobilized catalysts that keep intact the characteristics (activity and selectivity) of their homogeneous counterparts represents a major goal in view of more efficient chemical production. When enantioselective processes are considered, the opportunities offered by this approach (recovery and reuse of expensive catalytic species, highly simplified work-up, implementation of continuous flow processing) become even more evident.

In this seminar we will discuss different strategies for the modification of homogeneous ligands and catalysts, in order to make possible its covalent immobilization. Recent examples of the development of some immobilized, yet highly active catalytic species for enantioselective processes will be presented, and the development of continuous flow processes based on these immobilized species will be discussed.

The seminar will also include an overview on ERTFlow, guided by Dr. Esther Alza, to illustrate the ICIQ capabilities and expertise in flow chemistry.

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