ICN2 – HYBDRID SEMINAR: Tailored electrocatalyst materials for renewable energy conversion and synthesis of green fuels and chemicals

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  • Venue: ICN2 - Seminar Hall
  • Address: Edifici ICN2, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 08193 Bellaterra
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Speaker: María Escudero Escribano, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen

Host: Prof. Pablo Ordejón, Director and Theory and Simulation Group Leader at ICN2


The design and development of active, stable and selective electrocatalyst nanomaterials for renewable energy conversion is key for the transition towards a sustainable future. Investigating and tailoring the structure of the electrochemical interface at the atomic and molecular levels is essential to understand the structure-properties relations and tune the active site for electrocatalytic reactions. This talk will focus on recent strategies to understand and tailor the interfacial structure and properties for renewable energy conversion.

The first part of the talk will be focused on the rational design and development of active and stable catalysts for renewable energy conversion devices. In particular, it will be presented a work on electrocatalysis for the oxygen reduction and evolution reactions (ORR and OER, respectively) , which slow kinetics limits the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells and water electrolysers. María Escudero Escribano’s lab have combined model studies on well-defined surfaces with the development of self-supported high-surface area nanostructured catalysts for ORR and OER with enhanced activity and stability.

In the second part, it will be presented their recent work on Cu single-crystalline electrodes in contact with different electrolytes aiming to understand the structure sensitivity and electrolyte effects for the electrochemical reduction of CO2 and CO. This work illustrates how model studies combining electrochemistry with operando techniques are key to understand the structure-activity-selectivity relations and design efficient nanostructured catalysts for sustainable energy and green synthesis.


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