ICFO-UNAM International school on the frontiers of light: Photons in the NanoWorld

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  • Venue: Centro de Física Aplicada y Tecnología Avanzada (CFATA)
  • Address: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Juriquilla
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The ICFO-UNAM International Schools on the Frontiers of Light is a series of schools organised by ICFO Barcelona and CFATA-UNAM, the Centre for Applied Physics and Advanced Technology of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (MEXICO) with the aim of inspiring the next generation of researchers in light sciences and related technologies.

The third edition will be devoted to NanoPhotonics and will be held in Querétaro, Mexico.

The school will feature experts from ICFO and UNAM in an intensive 1-week course directed to young students wishing to enter the vibrant field of NanoPhotonics.

Topics covered will include:

• Molecular Nanophotonics
• Photon Harvesting in Plants and Biomolecules
• Single Molecule Biophotonics
• Medical Optics
• Biological applications of upconversion fluorescence nanomaterials
• 2D materials
• Optical trapping and applications

Participants will gain a strong understanding of basic concepts, an introduction to the current state of the art in these topics, and have the opportunity to mingle with top scientists from leading institutions.

SPIE@ICFO Chair research internships to conduct a project with an ICFO research group will be offered to selected outstanding students attending the school.


• Prof. Niek van Hulst, ICFO
• Prof. Nicoletta Liguori, ICFO
• Prof. María Garcia-Parajo, ICFO
• Dr. Clara Vilches, ICFO
• Prof. Gonzalo Ramirez Garcia, UNAM
• Dr. Andrés de Luna, UNAM
• Dr. Josué Mota Morales, UNAM
• Prof. Eden Morales Narváez, UNAM
• Prof. Remy Fernand Avila Foucat, UNAM

Lectures and seminars will be broadcast online. The link to access the online lectures will be provided prior to the scheduled date.


The school will be locally organised by the Centro de Física Aplicada y Tecnología Avanzadav (CFATA), which is one of the 11 research units or schools of the Juriquilla Campus of UNAM.

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ICFO-UNAM International school on the frontiers of light: Photons in the NanoWorld