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This event finished on 11 January 2021

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The YEBN is happy to present you its new program “HACK YOUR SCIENCE”:

Learn about new tools and methodologies established in different fields and how they can boost your science

Inspired by the collaborative and innovative spirit of hackathons, the program aims to present an array of tools and methodologies commonly used in diverse fields (IT, industry, arts, social science,…) but not in scientific research. The program aims to stimulate young scientists to familiarize with them and understand how these tools/methodologies can help research, fostering collaboration and inclusiveness.

The aim of this program is to provide a first series of three sessions where professionals and experts of the hackathon and open science field are going to discuss and inspire you on how to collaborate remotely and transdisciplinary with new ways of working in science in order to boost your professional network, foster innovation, widen your skill-set with techniques often to effectively communicate within different contexts in the professional world.

The series is planned to continue in 2021 with more “hack your science”- methodologies and tools useful in project initiation, structuring, presentation, communication, collaboration boosting and inclusive team work.




14th December, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Online. How design thinking can help scientific research


Design thinking in a nutshell: DT is a set of social practices that can ignite radical collaboration, team empathy, systemic change, and innovation within organizations.

Daniela Marzawan, Lecturer, Advisor, Researcher, University of Weimar, Germany.


Session structure

  • 6.00 pm. Welcome and presentation of the GoToMeeting Platform and speaker
  • 6.05 pm. Presentation of the YEBN and Hack your Science program
  • 6.15 pm. Masterclass: Presentation of the speakers biography / Testimonial about Hackathon experiences and DT for the team-work / Intro to the definitions and the method DT / Explanation of the main concepts of the methodology with examples / Free software useful for the methodology / Exemples of DT applications / Exercises with the participants / Feedback and questions of the participants on the exercise / Summary of the aim, strength and application of the tool
  • 7.10 pm Q&As
  • 7.25 pm. Closing remarks by the moderation
  • 7.30 pm. Closing of the meeting



Monday 11th January , 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Online.

Visualization Techniques for your Science: How to capture ideas and other complex content easily and effectively


The motto of Elvira Cyranka is ‘Making ideas visible’. Learn how to visualize your research and project ideas for easy understanding and communication.

Elvira Cyranka, Didactician in Higher Education & Trainer for Visualization Techniques, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München.


Session structure

  • 6.00 pm. Welcome and presentation of the speaker
  • 6.05 pm. Masterclass
  • 6.35 pm. Q&A Session with attendees
  • 7.10 pm. Closing remarks by the speaker
  • 7.15 pm. Closing of the meeting



Rescheduled to the end of January/early February 2021 ! New date to be preannounced soon! 6:00 pm – 8.00 pm Online.

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE THE NEW DATE AT 12PM! Attention : Even if it will be the third event, its reference will stay the first session for the tickets!

EUvsVirus Hackathon and many other national COVID-19 addressing hackathon experiences influence life science innovation, Biohackathons stimulate knowledge exchange, creativity and collaboration, view from members of the EC organizers, the academia support team and winning team scientists of EUvsVirus in the discussion with organisers from other events.. The importance of multidisciplinarity to tackle complex issues.

Session structure

  • 6.00 pm. Welcome and presentation of the GoToMeeting Platform and speakers
  • 6.05 pm. Presentation of the Hack your science program and the YEBN
  • 6.15 pm. Talks of the speakers about collaboration during Hackathon and other collaborative events
  • 6.45 pm Round table discussion with questions from the audience
  • 7.20 pm. Closing remarks by the moderation
  • 7.30 pm. Closing of the meeting



  • YEBN members 3 sessions: free (Want to become a member of the YEBN? -> email us to contact@yebn.eu)
  • General Ticket for 3 sessions: 9€
  • General Ticket for 2 sessions: 7€
  • YEBN and BIST members: 50% discount. (Want to become collaboration partner? -> email us to contact@yebn.eu)
  • Tickets for individual sessions: 3,50€/ticket (no discount applicable)

VAT included in all prices. No refund available after purchasing the tickets.

By registering, you can attend the selected seminars and you also accept that you may appear in the photography that will be taken during the webinar that the organizers will use in their communication channels. You can switch your camera off to not appear on these pictures. In case a minimum number of 20 participants is not ensured or in case of cancellation of the speakers, e.g. due to health issues, the organisation team can decide to postpone the events to a later date. You will be informed via email for choosing a new date in case you registered to a postponed session. In case you will not be available the new date, we will offer you to reimburse the value of the postponed session if you cannot attend!




The Young European Biotech Network e.V. (YEBN) is a non-profit organization that promotes innovation and internationality in life sciences and biotechnology. Our goal is to connect students and young professionals through a European network that supports them along their career pathways.



A few hours before the sessions, you will receive on your email a link to access the webinar. For any urgent matters, you can email us to events@yebn.eu.


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