From the bench to the patient: a long and complex journey across different “checkpoints”

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by Ilda Theka (CRG-alumni) and Clara Bordoy

The developmental path of a pharmaceutical drug is a long and complex process that involves a series of key decision points and the engagement of different actors. From the bench to the bedside and then to the market, the development process of a drug requires specific strategies to successfully reach the patients.In an always more patient-centric health care system:

  • What are the critical aspects of successful product development and commercialization?
  • What type of assessments and related methodologies need to be conducted?
  • Which stakeholders need to be involved, when, and how?
  • How can the country-specific healthcare environment impact the potential drug uptake by the primary users?
This short course will focus on the drug development path, from the late stages of the clinical studies up to the product commercialization. Through practical case studies reflecting some methods and logical steps generally conducted in healthcare consulting, the course will cover some of the essential aspects and strategic assessments that need to be performed for a successful product launch.Key topics of the session include clinical product development; main regulatory decision points and authorities involved, market landscape assessment; market access (pricing, reimbursement, and health authorities involved).


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