Focus: Mental Health

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  • Venue: ICFO - Auditorium
  • Address: Mediterranean Technology Park, Av. Carl Friedrich Gauss, 3, 08860 Castelldefels
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Launch event of the new initiative with activities that promote awareness of Mental Health. This initiative builds on a larger year-long agenda that aims to promote diversity and awareness at ICFO, including the long established ICFOnians for Women in Science Month, drawing attention to gender issues in science, and the first ICFO PRIDE celebration organized by ICONS this year.


  • Introduction: Laia Miralles, Human Resources Head and Chair of the ICFO Diversity and Equity Committee
  • “La Marató” 2021- Mental Health: Launch of ICFO’s Marató community initiative
  • Invited Talk: “Intro to Mental Health Literacy” created by Dragonfly Mental Health: Dr. Senaida Hernández, ICFO PhD graduate, now Postdoc at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and volunteer in the international Academic Mental Health NGO Dragonfly Mental Health..
    Abstract: There are many misconceptions about psychiatric disease, what causes it, who is at risk, and how it manifests. Increasingly we are understanding how immense a problem this is within academia. That is why in this seminar we will include information about the prevalence of mental health illness in general and academic populations, an overview of signs and symptoms highlighting those seen in academic settings, and the science underlying the causes and treatments of mental illnesses. Additionally, open ended questions will be used to facilitate discussion and provide community specific insight on how to further improve mental health.


All ICFOnians are welcome and encouraged to participate. We encourage you to join us in the Auditorium to take part in the live event.

The event will also be broadcast via ZOOM for those who are unable to attend in person

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