CRG InstaTalks: Anna Oncins and Carolina Iglesias

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Instagram LIVE @crgenomica

The CRG InstaTalks are talks between women scientists from the CRG and influencers to learn first-hand about the research projects of the women scientists, their experiences as women in science, the importance of involving society in research and much more.

Don’t miss the talk between Anna Oncins, researcher of the research group “Singel cell epigenomics and cancer development” of the CRG, and Carolina Iglesias (@percebesygrelos), influencer, presenter, scriptwriter and comedian.

Both will talk about what are the triggers for cancer, specifically lymphoma, about Anna Oncins’ experiences abroad and about why it is very important that society gets involved in science and research.

Join the Instagram live in our profile @crgenomica and ask them whatever you want!

These talks will be in Spanish.