CRG 20th Anniversary Symposium: The value of fundamental research

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  • Venue: CRG – Auditorium
  • Address: Dr. Aiguader, 88, 08003 Barcelona
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The main objective of the ‘CRG 20th Anniversary Symposium: The value of fundamental research’ is showing how investment in fundamental science has a direct impact on the local economy.

We will discuss about the importance of sustained investment in curiosity-driven research as the best way for science to make progress and achieve breakthroughs that change both our concepts of the physical world and deliver technological improvements that improve our country’s society economy. Speakers and panellists will show how undirected, curiosity-driven research can give rise to profound transformations that, in addition to greatly enrich fundamental scientific concepts, have led to applications that have saved or improved the lives of many people through medical or biotechnological advances.