Creating and implementing a sustainability strategy

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  • Venue: CRG Aula (4th floor)
  • Address: Doctor Aiguader, 88,, 08003 Barcelona
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CRG Sustainability Workshop Session

The CRG Sustainability Workshop Session: “Creating and implementing a sustainability strategy” will be an opportunity to learn about the role of research institutes in responding to the challenges of the environmental crisis, with invited speakers experienced in leading sustainability efforts at their own centers. Embedding sustainability in institutional operations, research and culture is critical to bring about meaningful change. Research institutes have a particular responsibility when it comes to building a sustainable future.

Organisers: CRG Sustainability Committee

Presentations on “Creating and implementing a sustainability strategy”
10h30 Brendan Rouse, Environmental Officer, EMBL (40 + 10min)
11h20 Susan Simon, Director of Capital and Estates, MRC-UKRI (40 +10min)
12h10 Richard Jackson, Director of Sustainability, UCL (40 + 10min)Free session, but you need to register HERE*NOTE: This event will be hybrid. In the registration form, you’ll need to tell us whether you will attend in-person or online.
To all the people registered to attend in-person, please bear in mind that in case these registrations exceed the capacity of the room, we will invite them to attend online.
To all the people registered to attend online, we will send them the link to join the session later.