Course: Leading for success in science

Event Details

This event finished on 16 September 2021

This course is co-funded by PRBB’s Intervals Programme, CRG and BIST, and addressed to people (Principal Investigators, with priority for new PIs) from the three funding centres (including the whole BIST Community).

The aim of this workshop is to influence and support both the present scientific work and future careers of participating group leaders. The main focus will be to address the human aspects of doing science. The course will provide a nurturing frame for practical training, as well as for scientific exchange and networking.


Leadership skills, which are essential for today’s challenges in scientific work, can be acquired and developed.

During this course, participants will:

  • Improve their communication, collaboration and leadership skills

  • Understand how to reach career goals more efficiently and effectively

  • Learn how to enable and empower others to do good science

  • Improve their (self-) organisational skills

  • Exchange their experiences as leaders in science

  • Learn how to better lead individual and group processes

  • Be encouraged to establish and maintain a peer support group


More information

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