Course: Creativity for Cross-Pollination Innovation

Event Details

This event finished on 26 January 2021

with Holly Blondin, Arts Meet Bizness

Four 1-hour 15 minute sessions online

(Tuesdays December 1, 2020 and January 12, 19 and 26, 2021, from 15h to 16:15h)

Multidisciplinary projects require the cross-pollination of expertise, knowledge, and individuality from team collaborators. For innovation to happen, it is essential to develop skills that will support a diverse collaborative environment.

Collaborating across disciplines produces meaningful work, but the cross-pollination process also comes with its own set of challenges for the collaborators. Multidisciplinary collaboration demands an established common vocabulary amongst collaborators, and an openness and curiosity to help maintain balance in the cross-pollination innovation process. With open communication, shared leadership, and good storytelling techniques teams can learn to build trust and earn mutual respect with one another across disciplines.

The course Creativity for Cross-Pollination Innovation utilizes creative techniques, interactive online activities, and reflection prompts to help BIST researchers from all disciplines develop skills for collaboration and co-creation on multidisciplinary projects such Ignite programme.

In the first two sessions of this workshop series participants will explore their own contributions to the cross-pollination process, and learn practical creative tools to help make connections with collaborators from other disciplines. In the last two sessions participants will practice communicating across disciplines using storytelling methods, and build ideas through cross-pollination.


December 1, 2020

Session 01: Context for cross-pollination – Be you

This session focuses on the awareness of your own context before entering into a cross-pollination environment, and why what you bring as an individual to the co-creation space is so valuable. In multidisciplinary groups you will also discuss the values your discipline brings to the cross-pollination process and any stereotypes that can block innovation.


January 12, 2021

Session 02: Build Chemistry & Trust with Others – Be connected

This session addresses the challenges you face when making connections with others outside of your discipline or ‘comfort zone’. In this session you will work together in multidisciplinary groups to practice techniques that help collaborators develop a set of common language skills for the cross-pollination process.


January 19, 2021

Session 03: Share – Be open

Working in multidisciplinary groups, you will practice using storytelling methods to help share your diverse knowledge across disciplines and discover ways to identify your cross-pollination offerings.


January 26, 2021

Session 04: Create Together – Be creative

Building on the first three sessions,  you will continue working in multidisciplinary groups and build something together in a cross-pollination scenario. You will utilize your creative confidence to contribute to the co-creation process as individuals and as representatives of your scientific discipline or research area.


Why Creativity?

Creativity is the source of making sense of the world around us. In practice, it allows us to unlock the impossible and make it possible. Creative actions grow your imagination capacity and your emotional intelligence. Having a creative practice develops your creative confidence.



Required materials include: access to the online platform zoom, paper, and a writing utensil. A tactile or virtual notebook to use as a reflection journal is also suggested. Most Creative Sprints will not require anything more than what you are able to collect from around your home. Additional creation materials may include post-it notes, multi-colored markers, scissors, and adhesive (gluestick, tape, glue dots).


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