Control of Electric and Magnetic Nanolight

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ICFO Seminar

by Mathieu Mivelle, Sorbonne Université CNRS



The interactions between light and matter are present everywhere around us, and since Maxwell’s work, we understand them much clearer. However, we are constantly discovering new facets of these interactions. In particular, since the revolution in nanofabrication techniques and ever-increasing computing capabilities, we can now design and fabricate objects of nanometric dimensions with totally new optical properties that are not possible with macroscopic materials. This revolution has led to new scientific and technological applications, the first of which were developed in our laboratories only a few years ago.

In this presentation, we will see how by nanostructuring matter, in particular plasmonic metals or dielectrics with high optical indices, we can create resonant nanostructures allowing the increase, in the near field, of the electric and magnetic optical fields1-4. In particular, we’ll see how new computing tools may help us with that. We will then see how these enhanced optical fields, when coupled to electric or magnetic quantum emitters, modify their excitation and emission5-8. In particular, I will present how the non-radiative transfer between quantum emitters can be manipulated8, how the excitation of fluorescent molecules in the near field depends on their orientation1, or how the presence of optical nanostructures modifies the electric or magnetic local density of states in the vicinity of quantum emitters7. Finally, I will show how manipulating of electric and magnetic fields at the nanoscale allows obtaining new physical effects such as the generation of stationary magnetic fields or the study of the interaction between chiral light and chiral matter, opening the way to entirely new applications.


Hosted by Prof. Maria Garcia-Parajo


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