Clustering & Global Challenges • CGC2021

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This event finished on 09 April 2021


The Barcelona-Grenoble-Tsukuba “Clustering and Global Challenges” (CGC2021) international online conference will present the most recent research advances and technology developments in different hot sectors such as Quantum Technologies, Advanced Materials, Health, Smart Energy or Topological/Photonic Materials.

This online event, organised by ICN2, MANA/NIMS and LANEF, will address Global Challenges in the above mentioned strategic sectors that generate business and growth opportunities requiring as well as clustering at the international level.

A wide group of BIST researchers will participate in this conference, starting by ICREA professor Jose A. Garrido, acting as a co-host in the opening session on behalf of ICN2. The programme includes also presentations from Pol Forn (IFAE), Maciej Lewenstein (ICFO), Leticia Terruell (ICFO), Adrian Bechtold (ICFO), Klaas-Jan Tielrooij (ICN2), Aitor Mugarza (ICN2), Nuria Montserrat (IBEC), Monica Liru Cantu (ICN2), Roshan Krishna Kumar (ICFO), Maria Tenorio (ICN2), Samuel Sánchez (IBEC), Víctor Puntes (ICN2), Arben Merkoçi (ICN2), Bárbara Lisboa (ICN2), Stephen Roche (ICN2) and Sergio O. Valenzuela (ICN2).

Núria Bayó, Head of Academic Programmes & Organisational Effectiveness at BIST, will also participate in the conference, with a speech on Scientific talent II: Multiple ways for Research Career Development (Thursday April 8, 14:00h – 15:00h).


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This course is offered in the framework of the GraphCAT initiative, the Graphene Community of Catalonia.

The GraphCAT project (001-P-001702) is co-financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund within the framework of the ERDF Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020 with the support of the Department de Recerca i Universitats, with a grant of 50% of total cost eligible.



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