2021 BIST Ignite Awards Ceremony

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  • Venue: La Pedrera - Auditorium
  • Address: c/Provença 261, 08008 Barcelona
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The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) is organising the 2021 BIST Ignite Awards Ceremony to be held on April 5, at La Pedrera Auditorium, to recognise the two winning teams of the BIST Ignite Awards 2021 and to announce the five teams selected in the 5th edition of the BIST Ignite Programme.

The BIST Ignite Programme promotes multidisciplinary projects of excellence, the fruit of new collaboration among members of the BIST research community. Every year we launch a competitive call for BIST Ignite project proposals and select five winners that receive funding to jumpstart their research collaboration. At the end of the first year of funding, two projects are selected to receive additional funding and a BIST Ignite Award, based on the results obtained, the project’s potential for impact, and the addition of new collaborators from within and outside BIST.

The 2021 BIST Ignite Awards Ceremony will present the awards to the projects MAKI (led by researchers from ICIQ and ICN2), and QEE2DUP (led by researchers from ICFO and ICN2).



11:30 Institutional welcome

Ms. Marta Lacambra, Director General of Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

Dr. Gabby Silberman, Director General of BIST

11:40 Announcement of the five projects selected in the 5th Edition of the BIST Ignite Program
11:50 Announcement of 2021 BIST Ignite Awards by ICREA Prof. Maria Garcia-Parajo (ICFO) and ICREA Prof. Jordi Arbiol (ICN2) | Members of the BIST Research Committee.

Presentation of the 2020 BIST Ignite awardees and their projects:

  • MAKI by Drs. Gemma Aragay (ICIQ) and Ruslan Alvarez (ICN2)
  • QEE2DUP by Drs. José Ramón Durán (ICN2) and Roshan Krishna Kumar (ICFO)
12:30 Invited keynote


Prof Dr Ralf Metzler, Chair for Theoretical Physics, Inst for Physics & Astronomy, University of Potsdam, Germany

“What Einstein did not know: brownian motion then and now”

Introduction by ICREA Prof. Maciej Lewenstein (ICFO)

13:15 Closing remarks

Hon. Ms. Gemma Geis, Minister of Research and Universities, Generalitat de Catalunya

13:30 Cocktail/Networking


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Invited keynote

Prof Dr Ralf Metzler presents “What Einstein did not know: brownian motion then and now”

Einstein, Smoluchowski, and Langevin created the framework to understand Brownian motion -the random motion of colloidal particles suspended in a medium- in the early 20th century. Their theories laid the foundation for modern statistical physics, but, along with ever improved experiments, were also key in establishing the atomistic theory of matter. Today, experimental methods allow scientists to monitor the diffusive motion of even single molecules in complex environments such as living biological cells. The wealth of new insights coming from experiment and supercomputing studies stimulate new conceptual understanding of these processes and represent a vigorous field of modern physics. In my talk I will provide an historical overview of Brownian motion and then present some of the recent developments with applications in a wide variety of disciplines, including biological and soft matter, geophysics, or financial systems.