BIST Career Week | T4. Workshop – How to Communicate with Impact

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  • Venue: Sala Juntes - Cluster Room
  • Address: C/ Baldiri Reixac, 4-12, 08028 Barcelona
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T4. Workshop – How to Communicate with Impact

by Arantxa Gómez and Marissa Anglarill


Mastering interpersonal communication is one of the great challenges that scientific professionals face, and it is key to

  • disseminate the results of our projects and research
  • to attract investors/partners for our projects
  • to perform successfully and safely in business environments.

This session will allow participants have clear and specific guidelines to help them communicate and connect with any interlocutor.

The participants will discover the key points to promote a better understanding of how to communicate efficiently and be aware of their own relational style. They will learn practical strategies to adapt their communication to the style of every single person in both professional and personal environments.



  • To learn the four relational styles described by the Bridge Model and be aware which are our own preferable style/s.
  • Be aware of the features of efficiency and Inefficiency of each style.
  • To recognize the style of the person who we are addressing.
  • To learn strategies and the best way to communicate with all the styles.


Arantxa Gómez – Doctor in Chemistry, Coach CPCC, ACC and facilitator specialized in communication and development of teams and scientific and technical professionals. I am passionate about people and their well-being. At the beginning of my career I focused on scientific research and the pharmaceutical sector, developing new drugs for heal and improve people’s quality of life. During my 16 years of experience in the sector, I worked mainly as a Medical Chemist and as a Supply Chain Coordinator in multinationals such as Eli Lilly and Ferrer. After a deep personal transformation, and several trainings in the humanistic field, I understood the wonderful complexity that makes up the human being, so full of fears, emotions and potentialities. And I found myself before a professional change that some time ago, for my rational mind, would have been inadmissible. Completely reorient myself towards Coaching and the development of people and teams. To improve their well-being, their confidence, their cohesion and their way of relating. Creator of the Coaching Program for public speaking “Formulate yourself to be a good Speaker”


Marissa Anglarill – Bachelor of Economics and International Trade, CPCC, ACC Certified Coach and creator of communication spaces for the development of people and teams. Enthusiasm is an essential ingredient in my life, that is present in everything I do and connects me with all those people and cultures who fosters it. I create spaces for interpersonal communication where people and teams disconnect to connect with experiences and practical resources that allow them to develop and face the challenges of their day to day.


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This workshop will take place at the Sala de Juntes – Cluster Room, in front of the reception area.



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