BIST Career Week | M4. Workshop – Leadership and coaching in science

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  • Venue: Torre I, Room 1 - PCB
  • Address: C/Baldiri i Reixach, 4-8, 08028 Barcelona
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M4. Workshop –Leadership and coaching in science

by Damjana Kastelic


This practical workshop will introduce the very important concept of leadership and coaching in science. Scientific careers are very complex, demanding, uncertain, and often accompanied by many rejections. At times, it can be challenging to maintain excellent scientific performance in such a complex environment, and to master interpersonal dynamics as well as their research teams. Coaching is one of the most powerful techniques by blending active listening, asking open-ended questions, setting SMART goals, and emotional intelligence by being fully present and focused. Concrete coaching tools and practices will be introduced, that participants can apply in their research groups to improve interpersonal communication and to establish greater emotional safety for their lab members. Because only a safe environment, where new ideas and constructive feedback are supported, can foster innovation and growth.


Damjana Kastelic, PhD has run a successful independent training business, trained scientists at a global consultancy for world-class science institutes and universities. Damjana has demonstrated flair & expertise in designing and delivering highly interactive learning experiences. She has a unique combination of extensive scientific training and experience, linked with expertise as a coach and personal development facilitator. She currently leads the training and academic office at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona, Spain.


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