Biomed Conference: Molecular Determinants of Cancer Therapy Resistance

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  • Venue: Casa Convalescència - Aula Magna
  • Address: C/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 171, 08041 Barcelona
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Targeting tumor cell signaling and proliferation is a major strategy in classical and novel cancer therapies. Multiple cytotoxic and targeted drugs aim to prevent cancer cell proliferation or to eliminate cells undergoing DNA replication or mitosis. Despite the initial success of these strategies, resistance mechanisms are common, especially in patients with metastatic disease. Beyond cancer cell autonomous mechanisms, there is good evidence that cells from the tumor stroma can also contribute to therapy resistance.

This 42nd edition of the Biomed conferences will bring basic and translational scientists together with clinicians to discuss the latest findings on how tumors respond to therapies and develop resistance, as well the challenges of monitoring therapy resistance in the clinic and finding effective therapeutic strategies.

Topics will include mechanistic studies, genetic analysis, evolutionary dynamics and the contribution of the tumor microenvironment, as well as new approaches to monitoring and tackling therapy resistance in the clinic. We strive to create a highly focused think‐tank atmosphere for a select group of attendees to concentrate on the challenges of understanding resistance mechanisms and finding novel therapeutic strategies.

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Biomed Conference: Molecular Determinants of Cancer Therapy Resistance