Bioinspired protein-based functional composites: applications in biomedicine, catalysis, and technology

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ICIQ Seminar

by Prof. Aitziber L. Cortajarena, CIC biomaGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain



Proteins are the most versatile biological building blocks composed of smaller units, amino acids which offer a rich chemistry. Proteins present enormous diversity in 3D structures that translates into amazing functional diversity. Thus, proteins have great potential for their use as building blocks to construct tailored designed systems, including nanofabrication and generation of novel protein-based functional composites and biomaterials. 

We explore the potential of engineered proteins as building blocks toward the generation of functional nanostructures and bioinspired materials for a broad range of applications, both technological and biomedical. In particular, our main objective is to develop versatile platforms based on simple protein building blocks for the fabrication of multiple protein-based functional composites and biomaterials. 

Several examples will be shown to illustrate the potential of those engineered protein-based systems in catalysis, bioelectronics, biosensing, and disease treatment and diagnosis. 

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