B-Debate: Beyond Cancer Genomes

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  • Date:
  • Venue: CosmoCaixa Barcelona
  • Address: Carrer d' Isaac Newton, 26, 08022

Beyond Cancer Genomes – Barcelona Conference on Epigenetics and Cancer

epithelial_transition_dl12sep_webOver the past few years, the genomes and transcriptomes of thousands of tumors have been sequenced. This information has revealed an enormous diversity of tumor genotypes and it is helping personalize the treatments of cancer patients. However, despite these advances, it remains a major challenge to predict fundamental aspects of tumor cell behavior such as resistance to therapy or metastatic dissemination.

In this conference world-leading experts in the fields of epigenetic regulation, RNA processing and translation, stem cell biology or tumor microenvironment will discuss how the information contained within the cancer genomes is being integrated with temporal and spatial gene regulation mechanisms to understand the complex cellular reprograming associated to cancer progression.

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