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  • Venue: Torre R, Room 1 - PCB
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WellBIST workshop

by Chris Barratt

Anxiety is a normal part of everyday life. However, when people experience frequent, intense or persistent anxiety it can have a negative impact on daily activities, can be difficult to control, and become out of proportion or inappropriate to the situation. This can lead to avoiding places or situations to prevent these feelings.

The objective of this interactive, in person workshop is to build knowledge and awareness of anxiety, to understand why we have it and how we can better manage it to reduce it’s negative impact on our lives. Using techniques related to cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness, participants will start to understand better how anxiety affects them personally and learn how they can manage it better.



Anxiety: What is it?

  • Fight, flight, freeze response
  • Causes
  • CBT view of anxiety

What can we do about Anxiety?

  • Physical techniques – relaxed breathing, progressive muscle relaxation
  • Identifying unhelpful thoughts, challenging, practising helpful ones
  • Exposure to anxiety
  • Sleep hygiene, putting limits
  • Grounding exercises, Mindfulness
  • Procrastination and Imposter syndrome applying CBT technique


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Cancellation policy: If you are not be able to come, let us know with a minimum of 48 hours from the first session so we can offer your seat to another participant.
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