Analog quantum computing: a review

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  • Venue: IFAE
  • Address: Facultat Ciencies Nord, 08193 Balleterra
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IFAE Colloquium

by Marta P. Estarelles (Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech)


The era of quantum computing has arrived with a wide range of implementation proposals. While there are different models of quantum computation, the quantum ecosystem is mainly focusing on the development of the digital or gate-based model. This is one of the most explored approaches to quantum computation but it is not unique. In fact, an alternative candidate to bring closer the era of practical quantum computers relies on a different but equivalently universal computing paradigm: the adiabatic model of computation, an analog architecture that shows up strong due to its promises to bypass the demanding error-correction requirements of its counterpart. In this talk we explore the basics of this alternative quantum computing paradigm, its advantages, applications and challenges as well as the efforts in Qilimanjaro towards this new promising technology.


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Oscar Blanch, Andreu Font Ribera, Lluisa-Maria Mir, Rafel Escribano