An introduction to Non-Violent Communication: a Tool for Effective Communication in your Professional, Academic and Personal Life

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ICONS Conference

by GERARDO SÁNCHEZ LOZANO, Escuela de Comunicación No Violenta

Are you experiencing difficulties when communication with colleagues?

Would you like to have higher quality relationships in all areas of your life?


NonViolent communication (NVC) can help you improve your communication skills and have better relationships with everyone in your academic, professional, and personal life. It  is an approach to communication designed to increase empathy and improve the understanding each others’ needs rather than a technique to end disagreements.

You are invited to attend a 90-minute introduction to find out more how NVC can be a very powerful tool for self-development and better communication skills.

This event will take place via Zoom on 28 April, Friday at 14:30.

Add it to your calendar and don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about what NVC can do to help you communicate more effectively and have more satisfying relationships.


About the speaker:

Gerardo Sánchez is a CNVC Certified trainer with more than 15 year experience teaching and sharing NonViolent Communication. He has worked with multinationals, academic institutions, government agencies and health care providers domestically and internationally. He is also a therapist and a mediator.