4th CRG BioBusiness School

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Based on the great success of the former editions, the 4rd CRG Bio-Business School shall:

• Raise awareness about technology transfer among the participants through lectures and hands-on practical sessions;
• Teach the challenges, opportunities and tools to successfully transfer basic knowledge “from the lab to the marketplace”;
• Identify projects with technology transfer/business potential that could otherwise remain undisclosed;
• Match basic science in biomedicine, bioinformatics, etc. with business;
• Have participants function as “signal amplifiers”, able to spread the knowledge acquired amongst other colleagues, and apply it to new projects;
• Stimulate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The school will be composed of several modules combining lectures and workshops, motivating the participants through hands-on and real-life examples. Each lecture will provide an introduction to a key aspect of entrepreneurship and technology transfer in the Life Sciences sector and the most relevant tools in relation to it, while the workshops will focus on stimulating the entrepreneurship competences and skills of participants by applying the newly acquired knowledge to their own projects or ideas, in order to make them into products. The business concept will be identified on the first module/day, and consequently developed in teams during the 5-days course, towards an initial marketable project.

Registration is free and open online. Click here to register. Registration deadline extended to July 20th.

Contact: training@crg.eu

More information on the CRG website.