2021 BIST Conference: Satellite session

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How to Communicate Complex Scientific Topics

Communicating science effectively is challenging, especially with complex topics such as quantum physics and its applications. Increasing the public understanding of science is important for building a more informed society however, and we need ways to effectively engage and inform the public of scientific and technological advances.

This session offers us the opportunity to learn new ways of bringing complex scientific knowledge closer to society.

Moderator: Guillermo Orts, Director of Communications and Outreach at IBEC

  • José Luis Crespo, Quantum Fracture
  • José Ignacio Latorre, Quantum physicist and science disseminator. Scientific Advisor of CERN/CCCB’s “Quàntica” exhibition
  • Mónica Bello, Curator and Head of Arts at CERN. Co-curator of “Quàntica” exhibition


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