2020 BIST Conference: Satellite Session

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Satellite Session – October 28

16.30h – 18.00h















How to Engage Research Institutes in Sustainable Research?

This session focuses on the issue of sustainability in the day-to-day activity and management of research institutes. The objective is to compile and disseminate best practices and share the challenges research organisations face in this area. So called ‘sustainable research’ seeks answers for many interesting issues, such as waste management, recovery and reuse of materials, energy savings, reduction of water, plastics and paper consumption, etc. The session will also feature examples of solutions from within and outside the BIST Community.


  • Xavier Gabarrell (ICTA)


  • Donate Weghorn (CRG)
  • Teresa Sanchís (IBEC)
  • Marta Ventosa (ICIQ)
  • Andrea Bonaccini (ICN2)
  • Gonzalo Merino (IFAE)
  • Tiago Botelho (IRB Barcelona)
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