2019 BIST Annual Conference

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  • Venue: CCCB
  • Address: Carrer de Montalegre, 5, 08001 Barcelona
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The 2019 BIST Annual Conference is the third annual conference organized by the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology. It will gather the BIST research community and international stakeholders to promote the discussion on multidisciplinary scientific research and its impact on advancing the frontiers of knowledge.

This third edition of the BIST Conference, an annual international scientific meeting, will be focused on human health in the context of the launch of a major research programme in this area, specifically focused on precision medicine. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the work of some of the world’s leading experts in optogenetics applied to neuroscience.

A myriad of prominent speakers are featured in this year’s programme, including Professor Valentina Emiliani, Director of the Photonics Department at the Vision Institute in Paris, Professor Edward Boyden, Y. Eva Tan Professor in Neurotechnology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Professor Ernest Giralt (Design, Synthesis and Structure of Peptides and Proteins Group, IRB Barcelona), Professor Michael Krieg (Neurophotonics and Mechanical Systems Biology Group, ICFO), Professor Maria Pia Cosma (Reprogramming and Regeneration Group, CRG), as well as other group leaders, postdoctoral fellows, and PhD students involved in BIST programmes.

More information and whole programme at 2019 BIST Conference page.