#100tífiques: Practical Online Workshop

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#100tifiques programme participants will have the chance to attend a training session (3,5h) and a practical session (2h), both online, to help them prepare for their visit to the school. Four identical practical sessions will be scheduled and there is room for a maximum of 60 people in each session. Please, choose which session suits you best and register only in one of them (one training session and one practical session).


Training sessions

  • Monday 24, from 10:00h to 13:30h (Catalan)
  • Wednesday 26, from 10:00h to 13:30h (English)


Practical sessions

  • Thursday 27, from 10:00h to 12:00h (Catalan)
  • Friday 28, from 10:00h to 12:00h (Catalan)
  • Monday 31, from 13:30h to 15:30h (Catalan)
  • Tuesday 1, from 10:00h to 12:00h (English)


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