Esteve and ICIQ team up to promote innovation

By December 20, 2016ICIQ

The R&D teams of the companies Esteve and Esteve Química team up with the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) —through its technology development unit ERTFLOW— to kick-off an ambitious research project dubbed FLOW4HEALTH. This project will develop new continuous-flow chemical processes to prepare new drugs and molecular leads useful for the pharmaceutical industry.

FLOW4HEALTH’s continous-flow processes will allow chemists to work with extreme reaction conditions and dangerous reagents in a safer, more predictable way. The project will accelerate the first stages of drug development by designing innovative laboratory equipment towards quicker purifications, enhanced productivity and more sustainable methodologies.

This new project, framed in the challenges of the Spanish Strategy for Science and Technology and Innovation 2013 -2020, will improve Esteve and ICIQ’s capacities to develop new molecules and active ingredients. FLOW4HEALTH will enhance the competitiveness of the Catalan chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, promoting international leadership of groups that take part in the European Research Area programs.

Recently, FLOW4HEALTH received €1.2m in funding from the Spanish Government.

More information at ICIQ website.