CRG Director Luis Serrano to head Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu Excellence Alliance

By October 24, 2017October 30th, 2017CRG

The “Alliance of Severo Ochoa Centres and Maria de Maeztu Units of Excellence” was launched on October 18th and will be lead by CRG Director Luis Serrano for the coming two years.

The 25 centres and 16 research units accredited with the “Severo Ochoa” and “María de Maeztu” excellence distinctions, of which all seven BIST centres (CRG, IBEC, ICFO, ICIQ, ICN2, IFAE, IRB Barcelona) are a part, formally established on October 18th the Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu Alliance (SOMMa) in their first official meeting. Chaired by the Secretary of State for R&D+i, Carmen Vela, the gathering was attended by directors and representatives of all centres and units that have approved creation of the Alliance and defined the strategic and working plan for the coming months.

The Spanish “Severo Ochoa Centres” and “María de Maeztu Units” Excellence Program promotes excellence in scientific research. Their goal is to promote Spanish science through the recognition of research efforts at the forefront of their fields, help them increase their impact, and international scientific leadership and competitiveness.

More information can be found on the CRG website.