CARLA Virtual: The Photonics Career Hub

By January 19, 2021ICFO

The BIST centre ICFO is hosting a virtual CARLA camp from February 23-25, 2021 for STEM university students and early-stage researchers.

Photonics improves the well-being of our world by exploiting the unique properties of light, which can be found at the core of daily products and technologies such as smartphones, laptops, the Internet, medical instruments, telecommunications, and lighting technology. Considered a Key Enabling Technology (KET) for Europe’s future prosperity by the European Commission, it is calculated that 20-30% of the entire economy and 10% of the workforce in Europe already depends on photonics technologies. Nevertheless, skill shortages in Europe are damaging the growth prospects of companies and the continent’s economy. To support the growth, leadership and innovation potential in this area, Europe needs more well prepared professionals. (Taken from About CARLA)

CARLA camps are inclusive events that aim to provide STEM university students and early-stage researchers a glimpse of the myriad of careers opportunities in photonics, help them in their career development planning, and promote networking with other photonics researchers and professionals in academia and industry.

The CARLA camp organised by ICFO will take place online over three afternoons (16:00-19:30 CET February 23-25, 2021). Prior registration before January 25th is required.

More information and registration can be found here.