BrainCom, the story of collaboration across fields

By November 27, 2018January 11th, 2021ICN2

Imagine you wanted to build a device that could allow people with severe speech impairment to engage in everyday conversation. How would you go about it? Coordinator of the European BrainCom project, ICREA Prof. Jose A. Garrido (ICN2, a BIST centre) talks us through the process of building the right team.

BrainCom is a European project to develop a new generation of neuroprosthetic devices able to record brain activity at source. It aims to support advances in the exploration and repair of high-level cognitive functions, including the restoration of speech and communication. But how did it all begin? Project coordinator ICREA Prof. Jose A. Garrido paints us a picture in this post for the European Commission’s Digital Single MarketBrainCom, the story of a collaboration across fields.

More information can be found on the ICN2 website