BIST Research Pitch Competition winners announced!

By October 23, 2020January 4th, 2021BIST, IBEC, IFAE

The winners of the BIST Research Pitch Competition are: nine members of the Biosensors for Bioengineering Group at IBEC (1st place), Vincenzo Vitagliano and Oriol Pujolàs Boix of IFAE (2nd place), and Pilar Casado of IFAE (3rd place).

The BIST Research Pitch Competition is a video challenge that encourages all members of the BIST Community to submit a short video showcasing their work. The competition allows researchers to learn new ways of effectively communicating what they do, get a taste of the exciting research being carried out in all the BIST labs and facilities and across multiple disciplines, as well as give participants the opportunity to have some fun with sharing their work.

Watch the winning videos below:

First place: Marc Azagra Rodríguez, Irene Marco Rius, Júlia Rodríguez Comas, Ferran Velasco Mallorquí, José Yeste Lozano, Francesco De Chiara, Jordina Balaguer Trias, Maria Alejandra Ortega Machuca and Juanma Fernández Costa, of IBEC

Second place: Vincenzo Vitagliano and Oriol Pujolàs Boix of IFAE

Third place: Pilar Casado of IFAE

The first place winners have received a gourmet gift basket with delicacies including a variety of charcuterie and wines, and a pack of tickets to La Pedrera. The second place winners received two La Pedrera tickets along with a gift basket, and the third place winner also got two tickets to La Pedrera.

In addition, the first and second place winning videos were presented for the first time at the 2020 BIST Conference on October 29, 2020.

Congratulations to the winners!