BIST GRADSchool course for doctoral students a big success

The BIST GRADSchool course for doctoral students, exclusively designed for BIST by VITAE, took place take place from June 7-9, 2017 in Barcelona.

The 1st edition of the BIST GRADSchool course was a three day interactive training and development program for later year PhD students exclusively designed by VITAE that provides participants with transferable skills and tools to take charge of their own careers. It is offered to doctoral students currently working at one of the BIST research centres (CRG, ICFO, ICIQ, ICN2, IFAE, IRB Barcelona).

34 PhD students participated in the course, as well as 9 BIST trainers, who learned about how to deliver the program in the Train the Trainers course on June 6th, which is intended to ultimately transition the VITAE courses exclusively to the BIST, meaning that both trainers and participants will eventually all be internal.

Some highlights of the 3-day course include a session where participants built a gadget to improve the life of a researcher, several trust and team-building activities, presentations about controversial scientific topics, and action planning workshops.

The course is part of the BIST Talent program, which aims to attract, retain, and develop the brightest researchers and professionals by providing career development activities that meet their needs at all stages of their professional growth.

Please visit our Talent page and keep an eye on our Events page for more information about Talent activities at BIST.

More about BIST’s Talent mission:
BIST understands the need to support the different professional careers to help its teams reach a level of international excellence. We follow the recommendations of the European Charter for Researchers and code of conduct assuming that mobility is inherent in a research career. We are therefore empowering our researchers with the capacities that enable them to work with other research centers in different cultural environments, and to address projects that combine different disciplines or explore business development opportunities related to their research results. We are committed to a global citizen, a global researcher.