BIST Community makes its mark at BIOSPAIN 2023

By September 28, 2023BIST Community

Technology Transfer professionals from CRG, IBEC, and IRB Barcelona have mantained more than 170 meetings at the Biotechnology Meeting BIOSPAIN. Several spin-offs from the BIST Community have also been present at this international meeting.

The global biotechnology community has converged at the Fira de Barcelona for the 11th International Biotechnology Meeting, BIOSPAIN 2023, from September 26 to 28. The event, organized by AseBio in collaboration with Biocat, the Barcelona City Council, and the Government of Catalonia, serves as a dynamic platform uniting major biotechnology firms, cutting-edge research institutions, entrepreneurial startups, regulatory authorities, and visionary investors.

The BIST Community has had a prominent participation at BIOSPAIN 2023, with the technology transfer teams of CRG, IBEC, and IRB Barcelona orchestrating over 170 strategic meetings. Additionally, several spin-offs nurtured within the BIST Community have taken their place on the BIOSPAIN stage.

Dr. Delia Zafra, Senior Tech Transfer Manager at the IRB Barcelona Innovation Team, explained “We are here at BIOSPAIN 2023 with the whole team to offer our technologies and capacities, like the drug discovery platform, to future collaborators.”


One of the highlights of BIOSPAIN 2023 is the Partnering System, facilitating one-on-one meetings between delegates in dedicated partnering booths. These pre-scheduled interactions account for the impressive meeting tally of CRG, IBEC, and IRB Barcelona representatives.


The IBEC, CRG, and some BIST Community spin-offs, such as Nostrum Biodiscovery, Seqera Labs and Gate2Brain, have set up exhibitor booths. CRG, in particular, has been spotlighting its Core Technologies. Dr. Anabel Sanz, Head of the CRG’s Technology and Business Development Office (TBDO), emphasized the CRG’s commitment to embracing to the broader ecosystem, “We want to have an impact also at a local level, and this is why we offer our seven cutting-edge technologies, managed by top-level professionals, to start-ups and biotechs that do not have access to this state-of-the-art equipment.” CRG’s scientific services professionals have been also on-site, extending technical consultancy to potential new collaborators and other users.

Dr. Agostino Romeo, Innovation Project Manager at the IBEC Technology Transfer Office, outlined IBEC’s multifaceted goals at BIOSPAIN, saying, “Our objectives encompass promoting research and innovation generated by our researchers, showcasing licensing opportunities, representing our spin-offs, and fostering collaborations and synergies with the private sector”.

A day dedicated to Talent

In a novel addition to this year’s BIOSPAIN, September 28th has been dedicated to “Talent Day.” The primary aim of this day has been to facilitate interactions between recruiting companies and professionals actively seeking employment opportunities within the vibrant biotechnology sector. To facilitate this, both candidates and recruiters were given the opportunity to schedule and participate in interviews held today at Fira de Barcelona.

The Talent Day also featured informative talks, including “Landing in the Biotech Industry: Transformative Trends in Hiring Patterns,” and engaging roundtable discussions on navigating a career transition into the biotechnology field. These sessions drew substantial participation from PhD students and postdoctoral researchers within the BIST Community.


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