BIST centres lead major outreach activities this week

By October 24, 2019October 31st, 2019BIST, CRG, IBEC, ICFO, ICIQ, ICN2, IFAE, IRB Barcelona

The closing ceremony of Crazy for Physics (‘Bojos per la Física’) and the City Science Festival (‘Festa de la Ciència’) are both taking place this week, with outreach activities from all BIST centres.

Crazy for Science is a year-long science mentorship programme, organized by the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera, in which the BIST centres take part and mentor first year baccalaureate students, preparing them for possible professional careers in scientific research. The initiative is split into categories (Crazy for Biomedicine, Crazy for Bioengineering, Crazy for Chemistry, and Crazy for Physics).

This week, the closing ceremony of the Crazy for Physics initiative is organized by ICN2 and IFAE with an outreach event in Món Natura, a Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera venue in the mountains. IFAE will run an interactive workshop for young people in which they will use Lego pieces to recreate the workings of matter and the creation of the universe. This will be followed by an evening of observing the stars. On the Sunday, parents will join the event to learn more about how the initiative went, with time for reflection about possible career paths for their children.

The 13th annual Science Festival, organized by the Barcelona City Council, will also take place this week, from October 26th to 27th in Moll de la Fusta. Targeting the general public, this outdoor fair will feature more than 200 fun activities in which scientists from many different fields will demonstrate the science being done around Catalonia.

The BIST centres are participating in the festival with the following activities:

Saturday October 26th:

Rehabilitation of the brain after a brain injury
Organized by: IBEC
Time: 11:00

Discover the chemistry around you! – Cristina Garcia and Xavier Just (IRB Barcelona)
Come and learn about the periodic table with us! Through games, we will discover the chemical elements present in our everyday lives. Did you know that we are surrounded by chemistry?.
Recommended age: from 7 to 12 years
Time: 11:10, 11:50, 12:30 and 13:10
Zone: 04. Chemistry

Biomimetic robots to understand our behavior
Organized by: IBEC
Time: 12:15

Workshop on Artificial Photosynthesis (‘Fotosíntesi artificial’) – Laia Pellejà (ICIQ)
Organized by: ICIQ
Recommended age: 10 years and older
Time: 12:25
Zone: 06. Environment

New tools against cancer (‘Noves eines contra el càncer’) – Cátia Moutinho (CNAG-CRG) will participate
Organized by: PRBB
Time: 16:00

Our body: a perfect city – Clara Borràs and Anna Bartomeu (IRB Barelona)
Our bodies are like cities, with facilities and specialized workers—our organs, tissues and cells— and without which our bodies wouldn’t work properly—. Come and discover how researchers study the human body and what organs look like under a microscope!
Recommended age: from 7 to 12 years
Time: 16:10 and 16:45
Zone: 09. Research


Sunday October 27th:

Can chocolate shine like a rainbow? Come to this workshop and find the answer to this and more questions about light, colours and nanotechnology through some hands-on activities and examples from daily life.
Oranized by: ICFO
Time: 11:00

Round table: Reflections about art and science from a woman’s perspective
Round table with Anna Rierola (artist), Neus Prats (IRB Barcelona scientist), Daniel López del Rincón (lecturer in the History of Art at the University of Barcelona, specialized in Bioart)
Organized by: QuoArtis and IRB Barcelona
Recommended age: all audiences
Time: 11:15

The ABCs of science: Enter a bioengineering laboratory
Organized by: IBEC
Time: 12:10, 12:50 and 13:30

Talk + concert: The music of chemistry and education
Presented by Ernest Giralt (IRB Barcelona), Mercè Izquierdo (UAB), Laia Espelt (Fundació Collserola) and the string quartet of the Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès. The talk and concert are based on a musical composition by IRB Barcelona researcher Ernest Giralt, “Chemical Elements 2018: A Musical Mosaic”. The piece is made up of 118 fragments and it reflects the periodicity and properties of the elements of the periodic table.
Organized by: Fundació Collserola and IRB Barcelona
Recommended age: all audiences
Time: 12:15

Microtalk: Graphene-based flexible devices for health monitoring
Do you know what 2D materials are? Get to know them and learn about the added value they provide in the field of health. You will be able to discover the improvements that graphene provides and how technologies based on this material differ from those we use today.
Organized by: ICFO
Time: 17:45

Microtalk: Cold is the new cool: parlem d’àtoms freds
Cold atoms are all the rage in quantum optics. Why are they important? Where can you buy them? How is a cold atom cooled? How cold is it? What is quantum optics? Once I have my cold atom, what can I do with it? Find answers on this fascinating tiny world!
Organized by: ICFO
Time: 17:45

The full Science Festival programme, with all the details, can be found here.